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  • Sagebrush cleaning/clearing management 
  • New grasslands management 
  • New hay field/crops management 
  • Ranch restoration & wildlife management 
  • Pasture reclamation
  • Vegetation management 
  • Fence & survey line cleaning 
  • Real estate enhancement
  • Home site clearing
  • Trails & road cleaning 
  • Utility Right-Of-Ways - ROW
  • Pipe line cleaning/clearing 
  • Fire breaks 

Benefits of having us clear your sagebrush:

  •  More grass growth on your property which means more livestock 
  • Less fire danger on your property
  • More use of your property 
  • Adds more value to your property 
  • Cleaner looking property 
  • Easier to drive across 
  • Easier to build on your property
  • And much more



 Wyoming's sagebrush is a weedy looking perennial shrub in the Aster plant family. Sagebrush is drought tolerant and prefers to grow on range lands. Sagebrush is considered invasive in places where it chokes out other plants along with million's and millions of acres of grasslands for live stock. This weed can reach a height of 9 feet, is common in all of the western United States and Canadian provinces. Millions of acres that could be used for cattle or hay fields are wasted because of this weed. So let me ask you this: do you have sagebrush telling you how much grass your ranch can have? Do you wish you had more grass to run a bigger herd on? Do you wish you could have a bigger hay field for a greater yield? Give us a call for a FREE estimate. Let our crew come in and clear up your land so you can have more grass on your land.   

Fire Danger: As many of us know from fighting wild land fires in Wyoming. Each bush is like a can of gasoline, which makes it much harder than a grass fire to put out.

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