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Making More U.S. Jobs With Just One Fence

By having RanchHand Fencing build your next's fence you can save and make more U.S. Jobs! Here is the break down of just a few jobs that are effected when you choose RanchHand Fencing.

 Main job break down!

#1 The postal service delivers your estimate. 

#2 RanchHand Fencing's employees have a new job to complete. 

#3 Local lumber and hardware store's sell RanchHand Fencing materials to complete the job.

#4 Local stores must find manufacturers for the materials.

#5 Lumber jacks to harvest wood post and rails (saw mills)

#6 Miners to sell metals and minerals to manufactures to make wire and metal products.

#7 Welders to make gates.

#8 Truckers to ship products to most of all of the above listed.

#9 Bookkeepers for everyone listed above.

#10 Phone operators to make sales, take orders, and calls for most jobs listed above.

#11 Fuel used in most jobs listed above. 

#12 Companies to drill for fuel 

#13 Everyone above pays tax on all listed above

#14 New roads, bridges, schools, signs, lights, (tax money that was paid in all listed above) 

All that is listed above is just a short list of some of the jobs that are effected when you choose RanchHand Fencing. We are putting America back to work one fence at a time!  



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