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Job title: General Fencing Laborer

Job Duties:  

You will work with a wide variety of materials, including chain link, wood, vinyl, steel, guide rail, and special materials and applications that the customer may require. Job sites will include everything from people's homes to commercial businesses and industrial sites. Because there are so many different products, sites, and layouts, we require someone who is willing to learn to work with new materials and tools. Because RanchHand Fencing gets a large amount of business from satisfied customers, we value consistent, high quality work.

Duties of a labor working as a member of a crew will include the following tasks:

Field Layout

  • Assist in laying out the fence lines from a drawing, plot plan, and/or property pins.
  • Project straight lines and perpendicular in the field.
  • Use a string line, sight poles, or "eyeball method" for placing fence posts.

Post Setting

  • Dig post holes with hand tools, power tools, and/or power equipment according to RanchHand Fencing quality standards. Do not take short cuts and dig smaller or more shallow holes that could jeopardize the strength and durability of the fence framework.
  • Drive posts with a hand pounder or pneumatic pounder.
  • Prepare concrete by hand or with a power mixer.
  • Set posts using concrete, tamped earth, or anchors according to RanchHand Fencing quality standards. Under no circumstances should you take short cuts that will jeopardize the strength or durability of the fence framework.

Chain Link Fence, Wood Fence, PVC (Vinyl) Fence,

  • Erect different chain link fence framing schemes, including gate and end bracing.
  • Install tension wires where applicable.
  • Splice chain link fabric and perform bias cutting.
  • Stretch chain link fabric on a straight run or on inside curves.
  • Properly tie in fabric according to RanchHand Fencing quality standards.
  • Perform assembly of wood fence in the shop or in the field, always following RanchHand Fencing quality standards for workmanship.
  • Assist in assembly of chain link, wood, PVC, and ornamental gates.
  • Perform basic assembly and erection of the fence.


RanchHand Fencing L.L.C., supplies all the tools and equipment you need to do your job safely and with high quality. At RanchHand Fencing, we believe in buying the best equipment, and we depend on our employees to maintain the equipment and use it appropriately to prolong its useful life. Tools that are well maintained and used properly can make your work significantly easier.

You will be required to learn to use some or all of the tools listed below:

Hand Tools

Fence pliers, hog ring pliers, digging bars, post hole diggers, shovels, carpenters square, tape measures (25', 100', 300'), levels, hacksaws, bowsaws, files, wrenches, vise and vise grips, pipe cutters, post drivers, cable pullers, pull jacks, spreaders and eveners, wire dogs, line levels, truss rod benders, post pullers.

Power Tools & Equipment

Compound mitre saw, horizontal band saw, chain saw, circular saw, reciprocating saw, pipe notcher, air compressor, concrete mixer, drill press, pedestal grinder, generator, cordless screw gun, electric drill, pneumatic nailer, portable band saw, router, pneumatic post driver, jack hammer. Prime mover, forklift, auger, core drill bobcat.


Minimum Required Qualifications:


  1. Courtesy to customers.
  2. Ability to relate to customers regarding installation particulars.
  3. Read labels and follow both verbal and written instructions.
  4. Ability and desire to perform physical labor outdoors. To maintain a steady pace of hard work during an eight hour or more day during hot, mild, and cold weather.
  5. Ability to calculate basic arithmetic required for installations, such as reading a measuring tape and level, converting fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions, performing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  6. Valid drivers license.
  7. Ability or willingness to learn to safely operate vehicles and machines such as an auger, chain saw, cut off saw, pounder, welder, forklift, bobcat, or prime mover.
  8. Mobility for pushing, pulling, bending, and stooping, and pushing a wheel barrow.
  9. Ability to lift up to 120 pounds.
  10. Ability to climb ladders to heights of 25 feet.
  11. Manual dexterity with hand tools such as pliers and hammers.

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  • Competitive Wages 
  • Flexible Work Days
  • Over Time If Wanted
  • Family Owned Business
  • Safe Work Place


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